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Chapter 2-Logan

Some scientists believe the first Americans arrived in North America by_______________ walking from Siberia to Alaska across the Bering Strait
Explorers and settlers did NOT come to North America to________________ develop varied cultures
The purpose of Christopher Columbus's first voyage to North America was to find a shorter route by sea to Asia
True or False The U.S. added new territory by taking lands from Mexico and Canada after the Mexican War. False
What 3 ways did the U.S. expand its territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans? treaties, buying land, wars
What is the written plan for the nation's government called? the Constitution
Voters elect a mayor at the ________ level of government. local
Which branch of government makes the nation's laws? legislative
Who is the head of the executive branch? the President
How can the U.S. Constitution be changed? by an amendment approved by the states
One way a person can become a citizen of the U.S. is _____________ by being born in the U.S.
True or false Taxes pay for buying school supplies False
True or false Working for the federal government is NOT a responsibility of all U.S. citizens. True
U.S. children do NOT have a responsibility to______________. vote
It is important for all Americans to vote because it makes sure the government_________________ represents the will of the people
An official member of a country is a ______________. citizen
A paper or booklet that gives a person permission to travel to foreign countries is a_____________ passport
In a ______________the leaders are elected to make decisions for those who elected them. republic
Food, clothing, music, art, religion, customs, and language are all examples of a group's__________ culture
The President lives and works in the_____________________. White House
Someone who comes to live in a new land is an_______________. immigrant
In a ____________government, national and state governments share power. federal
The 3 levels of government are: local, state, and national
EXTRA CREDIT The 3 branches of government are: Legislative, executive, judicial
Created by: Mrs. Logan